YouTube and its parent company Google takes in to consideration a lot of factors when ranking videos in search, to determine the content of your video.

Two very important factors that you would want to consider is

  • Your Video's description and subject
  • Another important factor that stands out is your transcript

You already know how to add your video description and subject. That's easy peasy!

Click the icon on the far right for "Subtitles/CC." Just in case if you are wondering, CC stands for "Closed Captions". If this is your first time, you will have to set your language and default it to all your videos.

You will then be prompted to choose from three different ways to add subtitles or closed captions to your video ...

1) Type in the caption as you watch your video. I personally love this because and Youtube has some great tools to support this. Take a look at GIF to know what I mean.

2) Upload a pre-written text transcript or a timed subtitles file. For all the supported file types, refer to this page.

3) Paste in a full transcript of the video, wherein youtube will take care of timing your subtitle. That's a pretty cool feature isn't it!

Hope this is useful for you guys!